Our Chapter History

North Dallas Chapter

The North Dallas Chapter was started on January 19, 1999.  Ginny Lydick, a former President and Active Member of the Golden Corridor Chapter, volunteered to organize the new Chapter.  Ginny realized how beneficial the organization was to her and her daughters and she saw the strong need for an additional Chapter in the North Dallas area when the Golden Corridor Chapter’s Membership was full.  There were thirty two women in attendance at this first organizational meeting of the prospective Chapter.  At that meeting the first Board of Directors was elected with Ginny Lydick elected President.  Over the next year, the Membership was strengthened to 68 members from 7th-10th grade. 

The board met over the summer of 1999 to establish bylaws, procedures and rules.  The Chapter was approved for Provisional status on November 8, 1999.  It received its Charter at the 2001 NCL, Inc., National Convention and was incorporated as a 501© (3) non profit organization in March, 2001. 

The philanthropy focus areas initially chosen were physically challenged children, abused and neglected children, families in crisis or need, and hospital patients.  The first approved programs included the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding, The Rainbow Room for Children, Frisco’s Project for the Future, Operation Kindness and Presbyterian Hospital of Plano.

Founding Board Members

Ginny Lydick, Sherrry Pelletiere, LeeAnn Colbert, Barbara Van Poole, Mary Bevil, Sandy Secor, M.J. Riedlinger, Julie Rosener, Paula Asher, Debbie Lyons.



 North Dallas Chapter Presidents

Ginny Lydick    1999 – 2000

Ginny Lydick     2000 – 2001

Debbie Lyons    2001 – 2002

Debbie Lyons    2002 – 2003

Jil Doughtie       2003 – 2004

Sherri Fiechtner  2004 – 2005

Susan Shapiro    2005 – 2006

Carol Bradley     2006 – 2007

Carol Bradley     2007 – 2008

Colleen Beaird    2008 – 2009

Colleen Beaird    2009 – 2010

Wynne Wolf         2010-2011

Wynne Wolf         2011-2012

Susan Jackson      2012-2013

Mary Ellen Owen     2013-2014

Laurie Martineau     2014-2015

Melissa Fairley    2015-2016

Kim Flecker  2016-2017

Stacey Sembrick  2017-2018

Dupe Omoworare  2018-2019