Leadership Development

The North Dallas Chapter was started in 1999. Our Leadership began with a few Members of another Chapter allowing us to expand into additional areas of North Dallas. Our Chapter is a Member of NCL, Inc.’s, Region II, District 16, and includes members in Addison, Plano, Frisco, Richardson and surrounding areas. We are 260 Members strong!

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essentials skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure. Activities of our Chapter include:

  •  Each member (Mom and Daughter) hold positions that they are expected to perform for the Chapter. These positions change every year during the 6 year experience.
  •  Leadership roles such as President, Treasurer or Secretary are important to keep the Chapter focused.
  • Other roles such as Chairman and Committee members of events are equally important to the Chapter.
  •  Retreats are held for bonding of the daughters within their grade levels.
  •  Monthly Meetings are held for the Moms to greet each other and understand the Chapters needs and upcoming events.
  • Parliamentary elections are held annually to place members into their positions.
  • Daughters are invited to speak at each meeting to report on activity of their positions. Four (4) Grade Level Mentors are set up for each grade level to assist the daughters with their reporting.

Skills of Leadership are one of the pillars of our organization